Monday, November 8, 2010

Countdown Timer

hoho.. im so excited.. but im not telling you guys whats gonna happen yet ^^

Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Summer

Lolz.. its like every 6 months only i come back here... cant even remember the last time.
oh well.. i'll just start back with the most fantastic summer i've ever had. Located at hometown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Muahahaha... yea yea... i went back! It was sooo good.. i enjoyed myself.

I get to see my girl, my family and also friends. I was like a tourist, traveling around all the time.. *lots of trip to seremban* lolz.. it was where Caylie had to do her posting. S'ban SiewBan FTW! yeah.. so i spend lots of time with her.. went to pangkor island, hot spring in Sungkai, went caving and white water rafting in Perak, went ipoh on the way home from trips, ou ou.. went to do flying fox also.... so yea.. fair share of activities.

But here is the best part. FOOD suckaa... yea... i ate and ate and ate and ate.. n ate again! I ate sooo much and soo often that i forgot the feeling of hunger. Klang Bak Kut Teh.. ate that like 4 times a week. Hokkien mee, like twice a week... mum's cooking was great... remarkable! I gain 15LBS!!!! woohoo.. pls take not that i'm not the person that can gain weight so easily. SO when i say 15lbs.. others might be gaining 40lbs if they eat like me. lolz..

Had some great memories, got to celebrate my baby's birthday. this is sick.. i got the lok lok car to come over to my place.. was suppose to be a surprise but that didnt work out too well coz ppl got even more excited. But it was good.. had family and friends come over to the party, had some drink and later on watch the germany and argentina game (which i lost money).
another party was at Uncle Hee Pin's place. that was also a good party with family, sharing stories, laughters, caylie had good time with the kids.. lolz..

WEll.. this summer i get to spend time with caylie, which means its feakin awesome. couldnt ask for more. I had the best winter last year and the best summer so far...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

end of year 2009- april 2010

Okay some update of the year end 2009 and the beginning of 2010..
Biggest highlight was the visit of your highness Caylie Ong Siew Hoon to Canada in the month of December. Obviously.. best time i have in canada.. hmm.. was here for like 2 months and i believe we both had a great time. nothing better than sharing ur life with ur love.. a picture says a thousand words so check out pictures in FB.

School... yawwnn... boring as ever.. could say this was a more interesting year than the first year probably coz to the detailed courses. Cant tell what my results gonna be but pretty confident i'm above the passing grade for all of them.. *i'm happy with passing grades*
have 1 more final exam this friday and then woohooo... summer time! = work

Owh... We have an awesome year in Badminton. ofcoz its because we have the gay ass Tim Chiu to win everything for us. But credits also to Mo n Sudha and other players that made it to provincials..
=.= yeah.. i suck.. didnt even do good at regionals.. i could put in many excuses now.. but i guess there is nobody else to blame except for myself.immature playing styles.

So.. what else... hmm.. currently i got a job at Rogers Center... pretty cool work as i get to see most of the Jays games and some of the concerts (not yet thou). beer vending is tough! but its fun so i'm happy... need to get another day time job... lazy...

wanting to go home so badly this summer. back account blocking me from doing so. miss the food, miss the party, miss family and friends, miss my girl.... oh well... tough life so just suck it up.. plan: work during summer, earn enough money for ticket.. or else.. save up for school..

hmm... those interested in knowing.. i guess my relationship are doing fine.. some conflicts here and there but healthy ones, take account that this is a LD relationship.. we are doing well.. misses around.. regular contact.. lots of updating.. i'm happy..

thats pretty much sums it up... probably missed some stuff but it'll come to me...
take it easy ppl..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cant sleep

Yawn... ever felt really tired but you cant go to sleep coz everytime you close your eyes, ur mind start thinking abt stuff that disturbs you? its happening right now... i'm literally just moving my fingers around with every other part of my body completely static. and everytime my eyes shuts, i start visualizing stuff that.. hmm.. makes me very uncomfortable or very insecure.. thinking abt it now even makes my heart beat faster.

i was mad at something earlier.. ahh man... lets not talk abt this... fk...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Korean Grill House

I would recommend people to come here to eat but not to work. Pay sucks, rules r ridiculous, n bullshit ranking system.

but there is something in this place that makes one stay here. They friendship here is actually pretty good, or maybe just because we have a good and friendly supervisor that actually pays attention to the staffs emotions and not only wants to make profit for the company.

basically.. i cant write shit abt this place.. it sucks too bad...
if i have an opportunity to work somewhere else.. i'll take it.. without thinking..
just need a better pay...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Nick @ Canada Update

arghh.. y did i ever start writting blogs..
surprised there are followers to my blogs too.. lolz...

anyways.. i'm going to keep this post short as to updating my status in Canada.

So school,....
hmm.. first sem was great, second sem was bad. lolz.. i dont really have anyhting to blame for my bad result in the second semester. maybe some fault on badminton practises.making me too tired to go to class the following morning. but i should have done better in assignments and presentations. but at least i have no holds(i passed all). so school was okay.. and i'm on summer break now.. no summer school so all i need to do now is wait till fall sememter start again..
Year 2!

so during this summer break i got a job. thanks to Peter and Justina (Malaysian friends i met in badminton). i'm working in a Korean BBQ restaurant as a waiter now...
5.25 per hour plus tips.. not that good but still.. its income and its Canadian $$.

I'm doing pretty well in badminton too..
just too much inconsistency.. i'm better at footworks, better at hand skills..
just need to improve on certain areas such as backhand. well.. its more practise i guess..

Owh.. me and fen.. we doing good.. seeing(web cam) each other almost everyday... sometimes 2-3 times a day... or else we will be talking on the phone...
i get to see her laugh everyday at my silly jokes or faces.. muakkss
love you so much...

the weather is getting warmer now... yeah.. winter jackets can be put away.. and can bring out shorts to wear! flowers are blomming... winds are not so strong anymore...
feels good to be outside now...

okay.. so thats it for now.. till then.. take care...

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm too lazy to write a blog !!!!

lolz... nvr really finished my last post.. guess i got bored writing long ass essays...
anyways... i'll update it when i have nothing else better to do or when i feel like it...
peace out peers
love u dear...
talk to you guys lateerr!!!